Working for small clients I will always give a realistic quote for the work required. Larger projects need good estimates but out of necessity charged hourly if work is to be conducted over longer time frames. See my section on Art Direction too. I will always give realistic and measured project pricing.

Prices for design work vary greatly. I will always look at a client's business model, size and potential earnings for the usage of my work. Working for agencies on short term contracts will not effect this policy. If I'm working for Coca Cola – then the prices will be coca-colarish!

I'm able to to cope with a lot of issues arising with small to medium sized projects but I'm not a full blown agency – sometimes I think clients expect that! And I don't do I.T. !

I'm always very happy to work in small teams for short term contracts and would consider a longer term agreement to provide content – if your subject matter coincides with my interest vectors.

For small local businesses a basic monogram logo starts at £150 and an image web site begins at £500, the client providing content – domain and hosting are extra.

editorial gold 600x390
Service as Standard

I'm quite friendly - so just ask!