About the site

About this site

I'll be running this site as a blog, busying myself more with semantic content – it is what drives the networks. The digital world changes swiftly now and I will continue to design and make websites for those on small budgets. More honed with lighter front/backend technologies.

The front end layout of the site is (almost) hand-coded from scratch, something I have not done for many years. I enjoy doing this type of thing but I'll continue using templates for mission critical projects. If you run into a hiccup here and there it'll be me getting better as I go along. I'm using a sketchbook/notebook principle for this site – in essence a blog with drawings.

Currently I'm learning to use something called uikit. It is basically a frontend framework that gives a lot of control over how things look and work on all the different screens we use. It seperates how something looks from what it means and is ideal for graphic designers doing web development. I use it very simply.

The company that have helped develop the uikit framework, along with a number of other open source related tech companies, have liscensed the software through MIT. I've been using this software now for many years and it is standing the test of a very hostile web environment.

I have been using uikit coding within template frameworks but I'm moving back to hand coding certain tasks because of the advantages for mobile devices. I'll be posting some one pagers for mobile soon.

If there are any projects that need a more arty type of web developer, that understands enough about the code to be part of a short term development team, I'd certainly be interested.

Another start – the digtal world is change...

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