Art Direction

If you have a small project, or managing a small team dealing with aspects of a project, and need somebody to develop concepts and also deal with your media assets, then I may be able to help with any number of issues that arise when organising artworking, schedules and budgets.

Art direction is a very general term for organising people and workflows to create media that communicate an overarching idea or set of meanings. I have done this on small scales for numerous individuals and SME's. I would feel most comfortable dealing with small projects in the cultural arena - especially the visual arts.

I'm available for short term contracts ranging from days to setting up monthly tiered scales for ongoing design and content provision.

This could be anything from developing and creating conceptual frameworks and provision of hard copy/advertising/print media to short life (single pager mobile) websites for documentation/advertising/communication purposes. I'd love to hear from anyone interested in using the web as part of an ongoing part of an artwork for example.

I'm happy to work as a short contract sub in an agency team for specific projects - working online prefered. I might not be much use when selling soap powder or chewing gum, but if you need a fresh slant for an edgy product or service - I might be a god bet! I should point out that I have never been a full blown art director for an ad agency but been involved in a lot of brainstorming. My skills are wide and I'm a small project, hands on type of person.

I'm interested in moving to spaces and projects that involve working with other other artists wherever possible - I could be very useful for many tasks that fall out of range of a particular practitioner's main area of activity. Get in contact if you think this an interesting way to work. I like the idea of being able to provide part of the scaffolding. Good rates but no freebies!

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Art direction is about communicating ideas.