Identity Design

I have done a fair bit of small scale logo / corporate ID styling for SME's. I'd like to be moving toward work that is more challenging and rewarding creatively from now on and begin a more experimental way of working, using the different skills I have acquired over the years. More umph!



A few pointers about what to have prepared when starting a project or developing a basic marketing and artworking design brief. If you are unsure about what you need then I will do an initial consultancy and help you get going. Here are a few pointers to ensure a good start...



Not being a master typographer but having taken a lifelong interest in type, in both the fine and applied arts, I think it would be a good idea to outline a few notions about what kind of typography and layout design principles I follow and some of the basics about applications for various projects.

An Introduction

I have been using the name Electric Ooze since the mid noughties – it's not actually my own invention but taken from the name of a band that a good friend of mine was involved with when I was a young slip of a lad. He would like you all to make me very rich so that he can prosecute a legal claim for recompense on royalties. What are friends for?

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Copy Writing

Copy writing is a wide field but I can cover short snappy one line straps to general copy for commercial uses. I'm not a technical writer and specialised copy must be arranged before project begin. Over the coming year I plan to develop more analytical/experimental forms of content.

About the site

About this site

I'll be running this site as a blog, busying myself more with semantic content – it is what drives the networks. The digital world changes swiftly now and I will continue to design and make websites for those on small budgets. More honed with lighter front/backend technologies.