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Copy Writing

Copy writing is a wide field but I can cover short snappy one line straps to general copy for commercial uses. I'm not a technical writer and specialised copy must be arranged before project begin. Over the coming year I plan to develop more analytical/experimental forms of content.

The importance of good copy should not be overestimated - it's really what drives the networks and gives people the ability to find the information they need. It is a key element for developing good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

I can do basic SEO but if your requirements are for a specific market, or segments of target demographics, then working with a specialist is the best way to go if inhouse skills are not available.

What you are currently reading is written in a style I like to use, one to one, informal and information related text. It tends to be the tone used across the board for many English language business and arts cultures.

Many organisations underestimate the importance of this aspect of their web presence – too many bells and whistles and not enough meaningful content and keywords.

I'm mainly a strapline and ad copy kind of writer – little bit humorous if required. There are also many professional copywriters available for technical writing and specific styles of copy. So a useful skill rather than a central service!

Engaging copy is vital for good SEO!

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