Digital Media

Software and application development moves at an incredibly fast pace. I make regular visits to training camp - usually in deep winter! I have a good track record of choosing stable and lasting software and provisioners. I remain competitive because of the support of OS software - currently I'm learning the new uikit frontend framework...

One thing that I must make very clear because it keeps popping up. I deal with a specific area of digital technology - I work with complex graphic design software that I have years of experience using. I can also deal with small web projects using industry standard open source software and professional media provisioners. I'm a creative as they are called - a front-end web designer - I'm not a technician by any stretch of the imagination. Keep that in mind when approaching me for a commission - you may need a technical provider for specific media projects and frameworks. I'll always let you know what I can handle.

I'm very familiar with a range of ways in which digital content can be used and can project manage low scale media production for small projects or work as part of an online team that requires media assets for a managed team.

My studio skill sets - and I love to work with them - include graphic design, illustration, layout and typography, photography and compositing. I can also write good basic copy for a number of general purposes - along with snappy straps and engaging infotext. Can't be that bad if you got this far!

Translating unusual abstracts into a contemporary digital arena is where good designers want to go. They may not always be the best coders and technicians but having a ranged cultural background and understanding of how to create sticky content is worth anybody's buck - whether you are selling ice cream or creating a DIY handbook!

So after that little bit of hard sell... Most projects are about generating and managing content post development stage. Prospective clients should be aware that this is the place where most bottlenecks arise. Be prepared for the need for client side content provision at all stages of your project - into the future. I'll no longer undertake 'develop once and leave to sleep' projects. A one pager for a phone environment - fine. A website that is simply built and not 'used' is a waste of both a client's and my time and money.

dig media art blank 600x390
#01 Variation
dig media art grey 600x390
Blank Cartridge

King Content rules the Web!