Identity Design

I have done a fair bit of small scale logo / corporate ID styling for SME's. I'd like to be moving toward work that is more challenging and rewarding creatively from now on and begin a more experimental way of working, using the different skills I have acquired over the years. More umph!

I can provide a set of skills that only a small creative team would deliver at a larger agency - necessarily within certain bounds. When dealing with a new client's project all relevant media requirements need to be looked at carefully, and from a number of different perspectives.

It is always recommended that I understand the concept and media scope of your project. This enables me to give the best price estimates and delivery schedule for hard copy and digital media. It is good practice to plan well ahead in this area! I'll be posting a useful checklist shortly.

Right now I'm giving a fresh approach a bit of a shot. I'll be moving away from the business SME market and be looking to create visual content that is more adventurous and experimental. The pages may seem a little empty over the next few weeks as I work away with paintbuckets, cameras and type. I'll also probably make some howlers but I want to introduce an element of risk back into my studio practice.

You will also find image placeholders here and there for a while - I will be adding material as the work and site develop. Nice if you'd come back for a look!

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