An Introduction

I have been using the name Electric Ooze since the mid noughties – it's not actually my own invention but taken from the name of a band that a good friend of mine was involved with when I was a young slip of a lad. He would like you all to make me very rich so that he can prosecute a legal claim for recompense on royalties. What are friends for?

Electric Ooze – the best word name game for a noisy guitar band I ever came across! Penned by I know not who – it comes out of my youth when living in Berlin and making 'fine' art. The Wall Years. I shared this time with some French friends who had a band – I think this was more of a language accident on their part – because we all spoke little bits of different languages to each other at the time. It's a juicy orange, two word poem – to be consumed. And for the digital world it is a useful, memorable, onomatapoeic ear worm.

Electric Ooze is undergoing another metamorphosis. EO being the organisational name for what I do as a freelancer. I feel at ease with this shopfront – comfortable, and it allows prospective clients to see both the person and how my work functions within a corporate ID setting. There will be more personality and less anonymous business face with this new site – more like a useful notebook. I'll also be posting further content about different areas of interest soon.

My manifestation of Electric Ooze has been through a number of changes. I've been providing a variety of design and web artefacts for small businesses in my small home town, using different technologies and (valiantly) providing the local SME sector with good design. Unfortunately the notorious SME attrition rate over the last years makes it difficult to grow without becoming a 'travel brochure' designer. This has also led me to begin setting set up a small neighbourhood market garden. I've been working at that for a year or two – still not finished. I'm also very motivated by environmental issues. An my garden is great for year round photo ops!

I'll also be posting some works that 'tend in the direction' of the fine arts and have little commercially useful function – may even venture into doing small editions...we shall see.

This change of tack also has strategic purposes. I want people to feel that what I do is stated very clearly on the tin. And work with people that appreciate good design values.

Check out my friend's site at galades - he's rather good at what he does. We have worked together numerous times and I love working in a workshop or studio environment too.

Fascinated by the unexpected.

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