About Sketchbook

After much deliberation I have decided to make my site much more like a blog and to concern myself more with content and it's relevance to project aims and goals - it is what drives network SEO. The digital world changes very swiftly now and I will continue to design and make websites for those on small budgets. They will be more honed down with lighter back and frontend technologies.

I have decided to push the more experimental aspects of my work and the galleries are currently in the process of being created and fresh uploads carried out. I have included work done over recent years for sole traders and small businesses as a point of reference. The occasional job in this area is still welcome!

The market is changing and I am very aware that new generations of users are adopting different media and ways of communicating. Change is part of the media landscape - but experience in image and media creation and usage still requires a trained eye. And the more flexible the better!

So over the next months I'll be updating the galleries regularly with new and hopefully more challenging artwork. I will be investigating various ways of producing useful media artefacts for a wider range of client bases and media.

If you like anything you see I'm always grateful for reposts on social media - the Electric Ooze Facebook page is the next item on my update list.

So as you can see the style of this website is much more discursive and, for prospective web technology projects, this is an important concept to grasp. The new media landscape (nearly) always requires an active engagement with content and social media - if attention and growth are the aim. Media time has to be calculated for - once a digital framework has been delivered...those on a low budget must plan for this.


You might find image placeholders on certain pages for a while - I am making a fresh start on the site and will be adding material as the site develops. Nice if you'd come back for a look every now and again!